European IaaS cloud service where

You only pay for what you use.

  • Memory, CPU
    512 MB, CPU
  • Disk Space
    10 GB
  • Total

    29.90 € / month, 1.90 € / hour

Flexible Infrastructure Services, Hour Based Billing

UpCloud is a European cloud infrastructure provider that prides itself on world-class technology and pricing. Our customers are not bound by artificial restrictions and for example, server resources on instance amounts, memory and disk space can be adjusted freely.

As an UpCloud customer, you can also be sure that your servers are deployed fast. A typical Linux-server deployment is less than 60 seconds - a world record in its class!

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Excellent CPU- and IO-Performance 24/7

At UpCloud, we only sell dedicated server resources. Our customers can be sure that the server resources they have ordered offer consistently great performance, during the theoretical peak hours as well as the non-peak hours.

In addition, the storage system used in our service is truly unique: the whole system has been hand crafted with love. Our developers have focused greatly on the typical challenges and pitfalls in the cloud environment, such as scalability, random IO load and redundancy.

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A Completely Redundant and Self-Healing System, Backed Up by a 100% SLA Agreement

The infrastructure behind UpCloud is designed to be fully redundant. We have resolved redundancy issues, for example, by duplicating critical server, storage and network devices, and by using smart application-level load-sharing and fault-management algorithms as well as high-level data centres.

Additionally, our service has the most comprehensive SLA agreement in the market, so our customers can feel safe that the services they use will run smoothly 24/7 throughout the year. However, should there be any unplanned interruptions to our service, we shall reimburse fifty times the level of service fees for the duration.

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Easy to Use, But With Lots of Features

Everything can be controlled through the UpCloud Control Panel. With the Control Panel, you can manage server resources, such as deploying servers, scaling, and changing network and storage settings, in a simple and effortless way. The tool also enables you to view server statistics, as well as server operation and invoicing reports. We also have apps for iPhone and Android platforms so you have quick control even when you are on the road. More demanding management solutions can be created through our API.

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Pay As You Go With Competitive Prices

We only charge you for actual use, based on hourly billing. Whether you need ten servers for the long term or just one for four hours, we've got it covered! Regardless of the lifetime of the server, your invoicing reports will confirm that we have billed you just for the resources you have used.

Also due to our proprietary technology, we have highly competitive prices internationally!

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UpCloud is a versatile service with many great features. Because we want everyone to test our service to find how well it can work for you, we offer a free 3-day trial period. You only need to register.

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